Pest Control Tips

Techniques Of Pest Control

Pest control refers to regulating or managing species known as pests which are perceived to be dangerous to human health, the economy as well as the ecology. A person who specializes in pest control is known as an exterminator. Local exterminator helps in increases productivity in agriculture


A pest is a plant or an animal harmful to humans or human activities such as agriculture or livestock production. It can also be defined as an organism that causes nuisance and epidemic diseases which are associated with high mortality rate.


Appropriate removal of breeding places is another effective way of controlling pests. This can be achieved but making sure waste is managed properly and draining the stagnant water. Garbage provide shelter and food for many unwelcome creatures. Correct garbage management will reduce breeding of pests such as rats, mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches among others.


One major method used to regulate pests is the use of other animals to destroy them. For example, felines can be used to keep rats away from grains storage areas. The cats scare away the rats and at times feed on them. Other methods that could be used together with the above such as trapping the rats, poisoning them so as to kill as many rat pets as possible.


Traps is a technique use to control pests. Most traps are man-made. Most traps are sticky and easily attract pests such as rats and mice.


The burning of infested fields is a traditional method of controlling pests even though few people still use it. It is mainly used to kill rodents, any eggs in the fields and harmful insects.


Trap cropping technique of regulating pests work by attracting parasites and diverting them from crops in a field. The pests become aggressive on the trap crop. For more details about pest control, visit


Using pesticides is a way that can be used to get rid of pests. Spraying of the pesticides can be done by hand, use of tracks or by planes.


Destroying the infected plants could be an effective method of reducing the number of pests. All the contaminated crops are cut down or uprooted to prevent the pests from spreading. If the pests have invaded one piece of land, everything on that land is burnt down.


Natural pest control at is an additional and very effective way of getting rid of pests. This involves the use of predators and parasites to control pests. This method is also known as biological pest control. This method is advantageous as it doesn't have any harm to the environment.